Things You May Not Know About Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

These distinctive and rare diamond rings are the ideal choice for confident and independent women.

The origin of the “emerald shaped diamond” or “emerald-cut diamond” can be traced back to the early 15th Century when stonecutters started cutting emeralds into rectangular shapes. The stonecutters identified that “stepped” facets made the soft emeralds a lot more stable, which in turn resulted in the formations of the emerald cut.

Most of the emerald cut diamond rings have numerous rows of stepped facets on its pavilion and crown. The concentric alignment of facets in emerald cut diamond wedding rings generates the sparkling “hall of mirrors” effect, which is one of the major attracting features of emerald cut diamond rings.

It is crucial to note that only 3 percent of the diamonds in the world are emerald cut, which means that they are extremely rare. So, the price of emerald cut diamond rings can be a bit higher when compared to other diamond rings.

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