Things you May Not Know about Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are a person who loves to wear a unique diamond engagement ring, then you should consider investing in a chocolate diamond ring.

In simple words, chocolate diamonds can be defined as diamonds that are brown in color. The color of chocolate diamond engagement rings usually varies from deep rich brown to pale champagne. The largest producer of chocolate diamonds is the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia.

Only a few customers are aware that the name, chocolate diamond, is actually a trademark. One of the famous jewelry companies in the world, Le Vian, started marketing colored diamonds to customers. The company used the name, which became popular with the public in a short span of time.

Chocolate diamond rings or brown diamond rings come in a wide variety of colors. The National Color Diamond Association has classified brown diamonds into cinnamon diamonds, clove diamonds, honey diamonds, cognac diamonds, champagne diamonds and chocolate diamonds on the basis of their shade.

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