Things to Look for While Choosing Pear Shaped Diamond Ring Settings

This type of designs is ideal for those brides who prefer to steer away from traditional diamond ring designs.

Choosing the appropriate setting for a diamond ring is one of the main things that you must consider to secure the gemstone in it. After all, it symbolizes the love and commitment in the relationship of a couple and it is the most expensive part of a ring. When it is about pear-shaped diamond ring settings, the main task is to protect the pointed edges from damages. Usually, prong and bezel are used in order to achieve this.

In case of a bezel diamond ring setting, a metal setting will encase the diamond from all angles and protect it to the maximum. This type of pear-shaped diamond ring settings is ideal for people who lead an active lifestyle or for those who are clumsier and often knocks into things. However, the sparkle quotient will be comparatively low in this case.

You may consider a prong setting for designing a diamond ring in order to tackle this and achieve a great bling. Here, claw-like structures are used to secure a gemstone. Note that it is recommended to use V prong pear-shaped diamond ring settings in order to protect the pointed edge of the gemstone.

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