Things to Know before Buying Alternative Metal Bands

Have you started considering diamond ring alternatives to stave off steep expense? Why not change the metal choice instead, and pick one that costs less than the traditional trio (gold, silver, and platinum)?

If you do choose this way forward, there are three important things to consider.

Resizing is Impossible

Most alternative metal options preclude resizing in the future, which means you have to choose the right size and if your finger outgrows the ring, you have to buy a new ring or go without. You may hear a jeweler say they can resize your ring for 50 bucks, but he would just give you a new, bigger ring in place of the one you walked in with.

Sentimental Value

If you are trying to convey a message that speaks of love and commitment, skimping on expenses by choosing an alternative metal hardly makes it convincing.

Alternate Metal Band Styles Do Not Last

A lot of the time, jewelers discontinue many of the designs and combinations that alternative metal bands come in. How can that hurt you? Imagine getting personalized band and losing it, and then finding out the jeweler does not have any more of the same left to sell.

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