Things to Know about VVS2 Clarity Diamonds

In fact, the inclusions in a VVS2 diamond ring are so significant that even a trained gemologist will not be able to identify them under 10x magnification. This, in turn, suggests that diamonds with VVS2 clarity will be always eye-clean.

The inclusions of a VVS2 diamond ring will only be visible to professional gemologists in the face-up view when viewed under a microscope with great magnifying power. In most cases, the blemishes and inclusions in VVS2 clarity grade diamond rings are usually located in the diamond’s top half. However, customers who are new to the world of diamond engagement ring shopping might not be able to tell the difference between VVS1 and VVS2 clarity diamonds.

That is why you need to check the certification documents of the stone, as it will help you to identify the clarity grade of the diamond. Moreover, it will also help you to learn about the clarity enhancement treatments that the diamond was subjected to.

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