Things to Know about the Settings of Twisted Diamond Engagement Rings

Another advantage is that this distinct engagement diamond ring design comes in a wide variety of options that ranges from individual metals to the mixed ones.

The two-tone twisted diamond engagement rings obviously feature two types of metals and offer a contrasting appeal to the sparkler. Yellow gold and white gold or platinum are the common metal choices that are available in the market. One of the common designs for twisted diamond engagement ring features interlaced 14k yellow and white gold metal, and a solitaire is also set at the center. This gemstone is securely held in place using the prong settings. The approximate budget range of this type of engagement diamond ring will be around $1500.

If you want your engagement diamond ring settings to exhibit more stylish elements, choose 14k rose gold instead of yellow gold and also use some pave diamonds or any metal works such as milgrain or filigree on the diamond ring bands. This type of designs will be ideal for the people who like to redefine the classic elegance with a contemporary and sophisticated touch.

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