Things to Know about Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The famous pear diamond cut is actually a cross between the marquise cut and the round brilliant cut. As a result, most pear cut diamond engagement rings exhibit the properties of both round brilliant and marquise diamond rings. Many customers who are looking to buy a pear cut diamond ring for their loved one have no idea that the pear cut was originated in the 1400’s, which makes it is one of the oldest diamond ring cuts.

The best thing about the versatile pear diamond cut is that it can be set in a number of diamond ring settings. However, it is interesting to note that pear diamond rings that are set in vintage settings may be the ideal choice for the brides who are in search of a modern and stunning diamond engagement ring. Additionally, pear cut diamond engagement rings looks excellent on short fingers, as they make the fingers of the wearer look elongated.

If you are planning to buy a pear cut diamond ring for your loved one, then you should carefully examine the ring and see if the ring has bow-tie effect or not. Bow-tie effects can hide the brilliance and beauty of pear cut diamond engagement rings.

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