Things to Know about Diamond Tiffany Ring Setting

The setting of diamond engagement and wedding rings determines how securely the stones are held in place and how visible they will be. In addition to that, the diamond ring setting also determines how easy it will be to clean the ring.


One of the most popular diamond ring prong settings available in the market is the Tiffany setting. Most of the antique Tiffany diamond rings have six prongs, which plays a crucial role in holding the center stone of diamond tiffany rings in place. Diamond Tiffany setting is also capable of achieving the maximum light return, which in turn enhances the brilliance of the diamond in your ring.

The prongs in a Tiffany Diamond Ring only take up a small portion of the center stone, which means that most of the surface of the ring will be visible. Yet the major downfall of diamond Tiffany setting is that the prongs may accidentally catch on your hair or clothes if they get loose or when they are worn out. However, ensuring that the prongs in your diamond ring are in fine shape will allow you to steer away from such hassles.

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