Things to Know about an Unfinished Diamond Engagement Ring

Things to Know about an Unfinished Diamond Engagement Ring

Note that most people may confuse a rustic diamond for a raw diamond. Actually, there is a major difference between these two diamonds.

A rustic diamond is polished and beautified stone but will be heavily included. Here, the main attraction will be the cloudy and smoky appeal offered by the gemstone. In order to add to the overall look, there will be some streaks of color in the stone, which offer it a sparkly and warm glow.

When it comes to a raw diamond ring, the gemstone will be unpolished. In fact, a raw diamond will not undergo any treatment or beautification techniques. Hence, the qualities such as cut and clarity hold no value in this case. Nevertheless, the color and carat weight of a rough diamond is significant.

Usually raw diamond or rough diamonds resembles the transparent diamonds that will be either colorless or the one that exhibits a brownish or yellowish hue. This is, in fact, the key to spot a raw diamond. Note that colorless raw diamonds are extremely rare and hence, they will be really valuable.

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