Things to Know about an Art Deco Baguette Diamond Ring

Things to Know about an Art Deco Baguette Diamond Ring

Most of the patterns that you can see in the antique style diamond rings displayed at the jewelry stores feature Art Deco diamond ring designs.



The trend of including geometric patterns in the jewelry pieces began during the Art Deco era. One of the desirable options that uphold that tradition is Art Deco baguette diamond ring.

Baguette diamonds are known for their unique silhouette that stands out from the rest of the diamond ring cuts. In this type of stone, you can see flat facets and shallow cuts that create a mirror-like reflection rather than a scintillating brilliance.

The craftsmen designed the stone in such a way since people during the olden time used to propose to their better half during a candlelight dinner. The cuts in baguette are perfect to capture the candlelight, and thereby, exhibit an alluring diamond under the warm light.

Usually, baguette stones were used as accents in vintage diamond rings because of its ability to highlight the center diamond without distracting the attention of viewers. However, modern brides love to flaunt it as their main gemstone too, so that they can stand out from the crowd.

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