Things to Know about 14k Gold Diamond Rings

Things to Know about 14k Gold Diamond Rings

14k gold diamond rings are the perfect combination of ravishing beauty, durability, and affordability. These stunning characteristics of 14k gold diamond rings have urged many brides and women to desire them.

Even though most of the wedding and engagement rings that are made of 14k yellow and white gold are quite durable, they are not asdurable as an 18k gold diamond ring. However, the durability of a 14k diamond gold ring is relatively greater than that of a 10k diamond gold ring.

The greater durability of both 10k and 14k gold diamond ring is due to the presence of higher amount of gold in them. The malleable property of gold makes the rings a lot more flexible. So, if any of these rings are exposed to extreme pressure conditions, they will not break; instead, they will just blend. On the other hand, most 10k gold diamond rings will not be able to withstand high-pressure conditions and they might even break.

In addition to that, 14k and 18k rings that are made of white gold alloys are highly scratch resistant too, which in turn makes them an ideal choice for customers who love to wear their ring every day.

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