The Timeless Allure of Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamond Collection

The Timeless Allure of Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamond Collection

This boded well for the jewelry segment too, and diamonds started to become more commercialized following the economic crisis of the bygone years.

While she was married to Eddie Fisher, Liz Taylor got into an affair with Richard Burton. Initially, they bonded over the Cleopatra movie set, yet later, Burton proposed to her with a pendant that featured an emerald stone encircled by diamonds, which could be separated and used as a brooch.

Burton was the one who contributed to most of Elizabeth’s jewelry collection, which gives you an indication as to how well he understood her jewelry tastes. Some years down the line since their marriage, Burton gifted her one of the most iconic diamonds to be discovered since then, the Krupp Diamond. The same is now known as Elizabeth Taylor Diamond.

In fact, the amazing looks and appeal of the Elizabeth Taylor Asscher cut diamond ring went on to inspire many similar diamond cuts. What’s more, her diamond jewelry also got great hammer prices in auctions, which were held years after her time in Hollywood.

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