The Secret behind Royal Colored Diamond Rings Revealed

The blue sapphire ring worn by Kate Middleton on her engagement has increased the popularity of such rings with colored gems. Although it is not a relatively new trend since colored gemstones have been in vogue especially among royal European families for generations.

Oftentimes, people choose a gemstone for an engagement ring as a nod to their national color or national flag color. Sometimes, it can be an heirloom from the collection of royal family members. In 2011, the Netherlands King Willem-Alexander gifted his Argentinean lover Maxima Zorreguieta Cerruti an orange diamond engagement ring featuring oval cut centerpiece diamond and framed by two emerald cut gems. It is no coincidence that orange is the Netherlands’ national color.

It is said that the Crown Prince of Greece, Pavlos, proposed marriage to Marie-Chantal Miller on a Switzerland ski lift. He gifted her heirloom blue sapphire engagement ring featuring a heart shaped diamond. Since then, the popularity of such diamond rings grew even more, and it inspired many modern designs as well.

A royal blue diamond ring style can be a good choice if you want to propose marriage to that special someone in your life in true fairytale style much like the rich and powerful people do. You can even have fancy colored diamonds in different hues, including blue, purple, and yellow to the ring to add to the charm.

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