The Pros of Owning an Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The Pros of Owning an Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings have remained a popular choice for weddings or daily wear. Some of the pros of owning an emerald cut ring are described below.




Large size

Diamonds cut in the emerald style appear larger due to the shallow depth of the cut. The large size gels perfectly with the fingers and can make a distinctive statement to the wearer. This makes it ideal to wear for specific occasions, like a party or wedding. Besides, emerald cut diamonds are also less expensive than other types.


An emerald cut diamond, due to its characteristic shape, will securely affix to any jewelry setting. In the case of diamond engagement rings, the rectangular shape makes it resistant to chipping, unlike with other rings. An emerald cut diamond is suitable for any kind of engagement ring setting and looks best when worn on long, slender fingers.


Emerald cut diamonds highlight the luster and polish of the diamond. Their multi-layered facets can bring out the brilliance of the stone. Light can reflect well within the facets, which add to the sheen of emerald-cut diamond, making it perfect for engagement rings.

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