The Pros and Cons of Channel Settings

The Pros and Cons of Channel Settings

If you plan to buy a channel set diamond ring platinum, go through the pros and cons of the settings given below before making a purchase.






One of the key advantages of having a channel diamond ring is that the stones remain safe and secure. As the gemstones are placed in a channel, there is barely any chance that they may fall out.

Minimizing the Prong Problem

One upside of channel setting compared to prong setting is that these settings will not bend or snag on your clothes. Moreover, channel setting will not break like in the case of prongs.


Hard to Clean

It will be quite challenging to reach out deep into the channels for cleaning the accumulated dirt. A good way to clean this will be to use an ultrasonic cleaner.

Tough to Repair

Due to its structure, channel settings will be tough to repair. Trying to fix it may lead to bending of the channels and this may cause the stones to loosen up.

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