The Origins of Traditional Engagement Rings

The Origins of Traditional Engagement Rings

That is also called the “vein of love”, and which is why engagement rings were worn on the ring finger of left hand traditionally.

In the subsequent period that is late 1470’s, Austria’s Archduke Maximilian gifted a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy and that is believed to have secured him her hand in marriage. That proposal ring was also believed to have set the bar and style quotient for western engagement ceremonies to follow.

The brief history of the diamond engagement ring aside, modern-day cultures do a neat job in letting couples mingle before marriage. A woman aspires to be the kind of person a man selects by following his heart, and that kind of transpires to diamond aspirations. Most women expect nothing less than diamond rings from their lovers – if it has a symbolic birthstone mounted, then its wow-factor can be even more.

No wonder men see it as a chance to use diamond rings to propose marriage – something that has been evidenced by countless other examples from different cultures.

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