The Modern Resurgence of Diamonds

It was emphasized that 2 karat diamond engagement rings and its derivatives shall be the only choice for engagement rings. Below are a few details about this modern campaign on diamonds that strived to bring the diamond jewelry to the fore.



The Diamond Market as it Stands

Today’s market statistics clearly suggest that more than 78% of engagement rings sold feature diamonds and not any other precious gemstone. As the popularity of diamond jewelry soared, several corporations and companies began enlightening the public regarding the selection of a diamond. Meanwhile, jewelers tried out different ways to improve the brilliance of a stone. Consequently, many interesting designs emerged such as oval, square, princess, and marquise.

Today, diamond is extremely popular as the typical engagement jewelry, and it embodies the sense of togetherness and a lasting union. However, the world’s diamond deposits are dwindling in quantity. Today, less than 20% of the mined diamonds are worthy of being converted to gem-quality stones. Out of this, below 2% are considered to be of investment quality. Stats say that least 250 tons of ore are required to generate 1-carat gem diamonds.

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