The Ideal Settings for Marquise Cut Diamonds

The Ideal Settings for Marquise Cut Diamonds

The marquise-shaped gem curves into two sharp points, one on the top of the gem and another on the bottom. They are prone to chipping, so they should be protected with the right engagement ring setting. Note that many marquise settings diamond rings exist, but not all work to protect the gem.


V-tip prongs and bezel settings are the best for marquise diamonds. Yet you need to select settings that offer a V-claw that fully covers and protects both tips of the gem for maximum protection of it. This may eliminate ring style choices, such as a tension set marquise diamond ring.

For protective elegance, select a setting that features four standard type claws and two V-claws to protect the marquise diamond’s tips. White gold and platinum magnify the diamond’s clean color with whiter and brighter color ratings, whereas rose gold and yellow gold metals camouflage an undertone of the gemstone that might actually have a slightly lower quality of color.

Bezel solitaire ring settings offer a modern appeal that highlights the gemstone’s unique style and shape. The setting acts as a “metal halo” that fully encircles and protects the gem’s sides. A horizontal diamond marquise set in a bezel setting epitomizes an avant-garde appeal too.

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