The Ideal Settings for a Marquise Cut Diamond Ring

It consists of prongs or claws that latch onto the sides of the diamond and holds it firmly on the ring.

One of its definitive advantages is that it improves the visibility of the marquise cut diamond. Besides, a prong setting allows light to fall into the diamond from all the sides thereby increasing its sparkle. The diamond will also appear larger by fixing it in a marquise diamonds ring setting. Jewelers also use bezel settings for affixing a marquise cut diamond on the ring. The advantage of a bezel setting is that it fully encircles the diamond and gives maximum protection to the stone.

The diamond encloses in the bezel also gives it a characteristic appeal that you cannot find in other ring settings. Halo settings are also good for marquise cut diamonds and are widely used. The halo of smaller diamonds can really enhance the center diamond by adding to its sparkle and appearance. The accent stones that encircle the center diamond also offer sufficient protection from any direct impact or accidental drops.

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