The Growing Demand for Sapphire Rings

The Growing Demand for Sapphire Rings

Reports from several reliable sources indicate that the love for sapphire rings has continued to spike this year too. This is because two famous and influential women chose sapphire rings over diamond rings recently.

Princess Eugenie and Gwyneth Paltrow are the two names who recently gave a glimpse of their beautiful sapphire rings. This, in turn, urged several brides to settle for sapphire rings.


Sapphire gemstones have been one of the most favorite choices of European aristocracy but these stones were commonly used as accents or side stones of diamond and sapphire engagement ring. Regardless, customers who choose sapphire rings over diamond rings will be able to save plenty on their engagement ring purchase, as the latter is available at a relatively lower price.

What’s more, as per the President of The Natural Sapphire Company, Michael Arnstein, “Nearly all of our business is for engagement rings, and volume continues to go up year after year with 2017 being a major jump for us. Demand is worldwide; this isn’t just a trend in the United States.”

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