The Distinction between Engagement and Wedding Rings

People give a gemstone or diamond engagement ring while proposing marriage to someone. As per traditions, women who get an engagement ring are anticipated to wear it on the finger beginning from the proposal day itself. It tells the rest of the world that she is in a committed relationship and is looking forward to the marriage.

On the other hand, partners exchange wedding rings when they exchange vows on their wedding day. They are usually plain bands as opposed to engagement rings and do not have centerpiece diamonds or other gemstones mounted.

Traditionally, both the groom and bride get a wedding band each during the wedding ceremony and wear them on their left-hand fingers. Since a wedding band is worn on the exact finger as an engagement ring, most brides opt to move the diamond ring to the right hand for the ceremony.

Since an engagement ring is extravagant than a plain wedding band, women wear it on the left hand. When the wedding comes around, most women stack the wedding ring underneath the one they sported on the engagement. If you follow that tradition, look for his and her diamond wedding ring sets to make a quick purchase without having to spend the time to mix and match a plethora of styles.

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