The Difference between Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

For this, you will need to choose the right location, the right 1 and a half carat diamond ring, and of course, the right people to be around.

When it comes to the wedding, you will need to make more choices of the same sort, because it is all about making the occasion a memorable one. One thing, which you will need to know if you have not proposed yet, is the difference between engagement rings and wedding rings. Their purposes differ, for one.

A diamond engagement ring is a ring given to the woman before the wedding, at the time of the proposal. Once she wears the ring, it signifies that the two have agreed to marry. The wedding ring is different from this, in that it is given to a bride or groom at the time of actual marriage.

Married people are known to wear their wedding rings every single day of their lives. As for engagement rings, you can choose either to wear them daily or not, based on your personal preference, and also on whether the ring matches the wedding ring as part of a set.

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