The Diamond Shape That Looks the Biggest

 Almost any diamond engagement ring looks a lot more appealing if it is set with a bigger stone. People prefer bigger diamonds, and these days, technology allows us to cherry pick from millions of designs and themes to find the one perfect ring for an engagement proposal. Whatever else has changed in the form of trends with diamond rings, the fact still remains that the center stone of a 1-carat diamond gold ring is preferably kept large.

This does not have to do with just vanity. It has actually been proven that the proportions of a diamond ring will look better as you bring up its size.

Which Shape Looks the Biggest?

The three classic shapes that people tend to choose from when they are not decided on what to buy, are the oval, the round brilliant, and the cushion. Among these, the oval looks biggest from the top, with the carat size being equal among all the shapes.

Ovals are found to be very color sensitive, and if you get a stone of color" J" or under, you will notice a slight color on the widest edges. The problem with oval is that it does not have uniform color, and the difference in color from the center to the edge is very visible. If you want a white looking diamond, you should consider getting "I" or higher.

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