The Cost of Naturally Colored Diamonds

The Cost of Naturally Colored Diamonds

Naturally colored diamonds are generally seen to be worth more per carat than white or colorless diamonds. The characteristics of the stone would decide how much it is valued at, meaning that a brilliant yellow diamond would normally cost a lot more per carat than the same stone on a white diamond engagement ring. Likewise, a 0.50 carat vivid yellow of low clarity would be cheaper than a flawless 5.00 carat white diamond.

Can the Average Person Afford Naturally Colored Diamonds?

While categorized as luxury items, colored diamonds are not entirely out of reach of a determined buyer with a decent budget. Stories of lofty price tags and world records aside, the umbrella of colored diamonds includes affordable stones with wonderful features. A Champagne diamond, for example, costs about 25% less than a yellow diamond, so if you know what drives up the price of a stone but not its appeal to you, avoid it.

Colored diamond pricing varies based on rarity and demand, so stick to the stones most easily available if you wish to minimize expense. It is almost guaranteed that you will find a breathtaking stone among the ones you check out. Lastly, remember to get the stone insured.

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