The Color Tier That Represents the Best Value

While these are available in abundance around the world, there are other varieties of diamond colors that are considered more precious. These varieties fall into a certain color tier, which is discussed in detail below.




A diamond’s color can either reduce or contribute to its value. According to the scale followed by the Gemological Institute of America, the colors of diamonds are measured against a standard mark set by the colorless diamonds. So the more yellowish a diamond’s hue, the lesser is its value. Meanwhile, there have been several discoveries such as brown, rare pink, red, black, and blue gemstones. The more intense their color, the higher would be their value.

Also, note that the most precious diamonds fall in the G to I classification of color grades. These diamond colors may be virtually invisible to the naked eye; these are some of the most affordable varieties when compared to the colorless ones. Furthermore, the diamonds between J to L are considered the best in terms of the value they offer. The yellowish tint in these diamonds is barely visible and it does not affect the total look of the diamond negatively.

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