The Best Setting for a 5 Carat Diamond Ring

Few things say “I Love You” better than a 5-carat diamond ring. It is the ultimate present for the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with. She gets to be the center of attention everywhere she goes with a unique and beautiful stone on her finger, and you get to bask in her love all the while.


Each stone is individual and comes with its own characteristics, and is more than just the grading report that comes with it. There is a spirit of permanence and commitment imbued into every diamond ring, but you need to decide which one is right for your bride to be. You get varied designs for a 5-carat ring because different people have different tastes.

Some may want the center stone to be shown off maximally and insist on thin prongs holding it in place on a simple band. Others may want the center diamond to be dressed up with more diamonds set around it. Alternatively, you can choose a wide band with diamonds all the way around it. One of the best designs is a 5-carat diamond ring with three rows of blaze cut diamonds and pave in between.

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