The Best of Minimalist Designs

The Best of Minimalist Designs

A soft-spoken and modest style is the new fad these days. An appreciation for smaller, more toned down pieces are coming about now that bespoke and simple details are all the style with a younger demographic. The simpler a ring is, the more refined it looks. Below are some minimalist design ideas for diamond engagement rings.

Sculpted Metals

The band of your ring can be its conversational element. Mix some of your personality into the design and explore the different options; you could go with a twisted rope or a tapered metal band. The latter pulls of the minimalist aesthetic without seeming basic, and draws the viewer’s eye towards the center stone. Alternatively, go for a simple solid band for the ultimate minimalist look, keeping it thin so that only people actually watching your finger can see it.

Delicate Details and Small Solitaires

Romantic etchings can be thrown in to bring about an elegance that is otherwise absent. Leverage the cut of the stone to best effect, and take care not to overwhelm the flat band with decorations. Choose a single small solitaire that looks radically different from the large diamonds most women clamor for. Consider adding tiny accents to match your taste, it is possible to add an extra flourish while still achieving a simplistic look.

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