The Best Mens Diamond Ring Settings

Below is a simple guide to help you choose the best men's diamond ring settings no matter the occasion.

Go for Channel Setting

In a channel setting, small diamonds are arranged across the ring that is surrounded by the metal band. The setting can go around the full band or cover a small surface such as on a 3 stone channel set diamond ring. The channel setting is ideal men's diamond rings, especially for those who have an active lifestyle, as the setting secures the gems more stable and durable.

Another diamond ring setting men shall consider is the traditional solitaire, which is tension set or mounted in the center of the ring band using pressure. This single stone setting is always fashionable, trendy, and is slightly different for men who want to be unique in their selection. For women, solitaire diamond rings tend to be set in a different way than for men.

If you are looking for men's diamond rings that has nothing to do with engagement or weddings, a fancy-cut setting is also worth considering. Such settings offer more brilliance and sparkle to the ring, since they combine smaller diamonds, and are ideal for those who always look to set new trends.

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