The Benefits of Selecting Solitaire Presentation Setting

The Benefits of Selecting Solitaire Presentation Setting

You can pop the question with the solitaire diamond ring for now, and later upgrade it with one that suits her personal taste.

Since the setting focuses our attention on the center stone better than other styles, most women choose to keep it. However, the stone can be reset by a jeweler into your ring of choice later too.

Another advantage of choosing the single stone style is that you can purchase the biggest and best-quality diamond possible in a budget, instead of devoting separate budget for a small diamond and a more detailed setting. This way, your girl is likely to stay satisfied with the diamond choice for many years to come.

Oftentimes, an elaborate setting is bought in the future as a wedding anniversary gift. So a solitaire diamond ring would be perfect for an elegant engagement ring. Remember, a white metal setting option is the ideal match in such diamond ring styles.

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