The Benefits of a Tension Set Diamond Ring

The Benefits of a Tension Set Diamond Ring

In a tension diamond ring setting, the diamond is mounted and securely held in its opening. Instead of using metal prongs for that, the gemstone is placed as if it is floating in the middle by pressure from either end.

Since it does not have metal claws framing the gem or metal below it, the appeal of the diamond is more pronounced in tension rings. Therefore, men’s tension set diamond ring and wedding bands, especially, look simple and sophisticated with an unfussy metal band complementing the center stone.

Not only the tension setting allows the centerpiece diamond to be viewed in full from all possible angles as opposed to other ring settings, but it also allows more light to enter the gemstone. This is what makes the diamond brilliant and enhances its light performance.

Having said that, there is a flipside to a tension ring setting too. It is not easy to resize it as opposed to other diamond ring settings since it is crafted as well as calibrated to precise measurements according to the center stone’s size. Once people get older, the finger size is subject to change invariably, so you would want to resize it. Only a skilled professional can do the resizing in such cases, and it will be expensive too.

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