The Average Cost of Diamond Engagement Ring

Actually, there is no particular standard price for purchasing diamond engagement rings; it is totally up to the budget you can afford, and hence, it varies from person to person

A recent study reported that the average cost of a diamond engagement ring is $1000 in the United States. Yet in fact, there are many amazing diamond ring designs available in the stores that are priced below $1000. Consider a tension set diamond ring, for instance. In this design, a cushion cut diamond of medium size is flaunted at the center of a white gold ring by means of tensile force exerted by the diamond ring band from either side.

Another option for diamond ring designs that comes in a price range of $800 features an emerald stone at the center of a yellow gold ring. Here, the center stone is surrounded by a halo of melee diamonds in order to lift up the overall appeal as well as the sparkle of the ring.

Note that the standards for purchasing diamond engagement rings may differ according to the place and mode of purchase. For instance, the average diamond engagement cost in European countries is reported to be around $800, which is $1000 in the US market, but it can go way below that when buying diamond rings online.

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