The Advantages of a Six Prong Diamond Ring

A six prong diamond ring consists of six individual prongs that latch symmetrically onto six sides of the diamond. Evenly spaced, these six prongs securely hold the stone and offer more protection than a four prong ring setting.



The six prongs can highlight the shape of a diamond, and are, thus, preferred for most ring styles. Due to this, most jewelers are now selling a diverse collection of six prong diamond engagement rings. In a six prong diamond ring, it is possible to include stones with different sizes, and hence, does not have any limitations regarding a specific stone size. Therefore, the six prong settings are the ideal choice for diamonds having more than one carat.

The added security provided by a six prong setting ensures that the diamonds do not become loosened during daily wear. It latches closely at the sides preventing it from getting snagged onto clothing. The six prongs can also augment the appearance of the entire ring and make the diamond larger, thereby improving the visibility and sparkle of the center stone.

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