Tempting Designs for Flower Diamond Engagement Ring

Even though there are various options for these designs such as ribbons, vines, leaves, bows, etc., a floral diamond ring design is the most popular one. Unsurprisingly, there are many amazing designs for a flower diamond engagement ring.

One of the most commonly used floral diamond ring designs features a huge round brilliant cut diamond at the center that is secured by means of prong setting. Additionally, it is surrounded by a halo of accent diamonds that are held in place using a bezel setting in such a way that it mimics floral petals. The whole setting will create an impact of an incredibly blingy flower.

Another trendy, as well as affordable design in the field of flower diamond engagement ring, is a lotus ring. In this design, a small round diamond is beautified by surrounding it with flower petal-shaped metal settings. This is in turn embellished with a cluster of melee diamonds in order to replicate a sparkling lotus flower. Additionally, the band of lotus engagement diamond ring is also paved with melee diamonds in order to provide an ultimate sparkle.

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