What to Know Prior to Purchasing a Sterling Diamond Engagement Ring

Wedding rings made of Sterling Silver has flashing, which is a shiny layer resembling that of a fish scale. To give this shine and luster, the wedding bands get treated with a thin layer of pure or 99.99 percent silver. Still, this flashing will get worn off rather quickly if put to rough use or if used as an everyday wear by those following an active lifestyle.

A Sterling Silver diamond ring may also get treated with a rhodium plate for increasing the shine and durability of the metal band to an extent. Once this rhodium plate wears off, it is up to the discretion of the ring owner whether to renew that or not. Moreover, a Sterling Silver ring needs special care, and they are not as quite as durable as some of the other metal options, such as platinum, palladium, and gold.

Since silver has high heat and electrical conductivity, it will mean that if you work in a job that involves exposure to electricity or heat, silver will not be an ideal metal option to choose for the wedding band.

A Sterling diamond ring reflects the flash and fire of the gemstone, two attributes that are enhanced with the white metal band and setting. If you are on a tight budget, purchasing a Sterling Silver diamond ring may seem like a viable option.

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