Steps to Pick Conflict Free Diamonds Engagement Rings

Steps to Pick Conflict Free Diamonds Engagement Rings

Ethical diamonds are those mined at places that preserve human right policies. It is recommended to follow certain guidelines before making a purchase in order to ensure that you are buying conflict-free diamonds engagement rings only.

Find Reputable Jewelers

Selling conflict diamond rings are illegal in most places now, and hence, a credible jeweler will never violate this law. So, the first step you must do is to hunt for a trustworthy diamond seller. Additionally, make sure that they offer a wide range of selection for conflict-free diamonds engagement rings.

History of the Ring

Ask all the details regarding your diamond rings to the jeweler and make sure that he clearly explains all the minute details starting from the mining process. In case his knowledge regarding all these things is poor, it is better to find another option. Besides, most of the ethical diamond rings will be certified by the Kimberly Process as well.

Avoid Choosing Diamond Rings That are Mined at War-Prone Areas

According to a study, many places that mine diamonds are reported with human rights violation. Most of these cases occur in the regions that are vulnerable to war and conflicts. Hence, it is better to avoid buying diamonds that are mined at such places and go for diamonds from the countries that protect human rights. Some of the best options are Canada, Namibia, Botswana, Sierra Leone, etc.

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