Stainless Steel Engagement Ring Styles for Him

Stainless Steel Engagement Ring Styles for Him

A stainless steel engagement ring can easily endure the daily wear and tear and will last a lifetime for sure. In fact, it is not even required to re-polish stainless steel to maintain its natural shimmer and shine, and it will not tarnish easily either. When it comes to the pricing, stainless steel costs much less when compared to the other metal options for diamond rings. All this makes a stainless steel engagement ring the perfect buy for your man. Below are 3 design options for stainless steel diamond rings.

Clustered Stones

In this design, a subtle row of round diamonds is used to give the ring an added appeal. Some would say this is the sleekest and simple design in 1-carat diamond ring for men.

Colored Gemstones

As stainless steel has industrial roots, you can choose any fancy gemstone as the central focus. Popular choices in this style are amber, ruby, and emerald.

Black and White Diamonds

This design sports the infamous black and white diamonds, otherwise known as salt and pepper diamonds. As such stones have visible inclusions in them, such rings will be even more budget-friendly.

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