Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring Designs to Go With


The split shanks of the ring that join towards the center represent the two individuals uniting with each other at a point. To facilitate the meaning and the look, there is a variety of diamond ring designs for a split shank diamond engagement ring.

One of the classic designs displays a solitaire diamond on a platinum ring. The entire look of the ring is lifted up by using the split shank embedded with accent diamonds at regular intervals. Furthermore, the diamonds in the ring is securely held in place using the bezel setting so that it complements the active lifestyle of the couple.

Another romantic split shank diamond engagement ring flaunts a spiral shank that is beautified using the floral patterns. Here, a huge princess cut diamond is used as the main gemstone and is secured using the prong setting so that it sparkles to the fullest. Additionally, the floral patterns on the band are also decorated with melee diamonds to raise the bling quotient of the engagement diamond ring.

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