Specifications of a Loupe Test on Diamonds

Specifications of a Loupe Test on Diamonds

The latest diamond ring designs are crafted skillfully to escape the untrained eyes. Thus, you should know a few ways to test your diamond’s authenticity.



The loupe test is one of the easiest options you can try. Below is a brief description of how the loupe test helps to find out the authenticity of a diamond.

The Loupe Test

A loupe is a miniature magnification device used by jewelers to examine diamonds closely. It is slightly different from a magnifying glass, in that the loupe does not have an attached handle and it has a more conical frame.

All-natural diamonds are characterized by the flaws or inclusions in them; only the Internally Flawless stones are devoid of those. This will be mentioned in the diamond certificate you get along with the purchase. When you observe the diamond in good light under the loupe, you can spot the small inclusion of carbon in them. This means your ring has genuine diamonds.

Synthetic diamonds such as Cubic Zirconia lack this feature and are always Internally Flawless, which is very rare in natural diamonds. So if you do not see any flaw in the stone, it is possible that the diamond is a fake one. However, you should perform other tests as well to ensure that.

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