Some Popular Cuts for Contemporary Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are looking for contemporary diamond engagement rings, given below are some stylish and modern diamond cut choices to consider.

Princess Cut

These cuts have crisp 90-degree corners, giving these stones a chic contemporary look. When it comes to sparkle, they are right next to the round brilliant stones. You can consider buying a diamond ring with a perfectly square princess cut diamond to get the most value of the cut variety.



Round Brilliant Cut

Developed in the year 1919, these cuts are still one of the best choices among diamond cuts. With its numerous facets and angles, these cuts have the best brilliance and fire. This cut will be the best choice for anyone who loves contemporary diamond engagement rings.

Radiant Cut

The unique look of this cut is due to its angular corners and straight lines on the edges. The radiant cut has the brilliance of the round cut and the elegance of an emerald cut. With seventy facets, they have good sparkle too, which make radiant cut diamonds a big contender in the modern jewelry market.

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