Some Interesting Facts about Marquise Diamond Rings

That is why the courtiers of the former French King wore marquise diamonds in order to boast off their rank. In fact, the gemstone was favored by the French royalty as well as higher ranks of the society for a period of time, prior to getting widely accepted during the nineteenth and twentieth century.

The marquise cut surfaces in vintage jewelry pieces, though in the recent past, it has been making a return, and many jewelers still make marquise diamonds rings. Since this particular diamond cut is comparatively shallow as opposed to other gemstones, a 1ct marquise diamond will look much bigger than a gemstone with a deep cut one such as, say, round brilliant. It is an ideal choice if you are on a tight budget, but still, want to flaunt a gemstone that wows.

With several facets and impeccable brilliance and fire, a marquise cut diamond ring masks the inclusions of the gemstone and highlights its color. Still, you should consider its cut and girdle thickness as well; while the cut should have sharp pointed ends, ideal symmetry, and wings that are not overly flat or bulged, its girdle thickness should match both durability and some amount of sparkle.

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