Some Hopefully Valuable Wedding Diamond Advice

Pay attention to these things when getting a pale pink diamond ring, so your significant other does not feel she got an outmoded design.

Bigger is Not Better Every Time

Its inverse relation to expense notwithstanding, diamond size is grossly overrated a lot of the time. Pick a halo-style if you want a stone that looks big, or add a few extra design details to make the ring more appealing.

Prioritize Clarity and Quality

The 4 C’s are important; you will not get any argument there. Balancing them is key because that determines the sparkle in a stone. Clarity and quality are the most important qualities to watch.

The “Right” Shape

Cut and shape are not the same, which means checking the 4 C’s along will not be enough. The shape you choose will affect the look of the diamond greatly. It will also have a bearing on how snugly and securely the stone rests in its setting, so choose carefully.

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