Some Good Diamond Ring Settings

The choice of six-prong setting is one of the most important ones you will make in your life. It determines what kind of diamond you will need to buy to fit perfectly on the band. The decision can be confusing these days, owing to the wide range of choices you may have to sift through. Below are three diamond ring settings explained in detail.

Prong Setting

A metal claw holds the diamond tightly in place. The benefit is that there is minimal metal present on the ring, which means there is more diamond to see, and more light passes through and out of the diamond. The diamond is more elevated as well, so it can be seen very clearly.


Tiffany Setting

This is a specific solitaire six-prong setting which makes the most of the light return on the diamond. Tiffany has trademarked their pronged design, although other jewelers could give you a very similar setting for a fraction of that cost. This setting makes the diamond more easily accessible, and easy to clean and maintain.

Bezel Setting

This is one of the most popular ring settings today. Metal encircles the diamond instead of holding it with prongs, with a custom-made metal rim to hold it snugly in place. The main advantage is that the diamond stays more secure when compared to other settings.

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