Solitaire Diamond Rings for Men

Men usually prefer solitaire diamond rings to spruce up their special day because of the unique look the offer.




The common design that is seen in solitaire diamond rings for men is a round cut diamond adorned on a 22k yellow gold ring. The main gemstone is securely held in place using a bezel setting in order to complement their active lifestyle. Finally, the overall look of the ring is lifted up by using a simple and thinner band. This design is ideal to offer warm touch and classic elegance to their solitaire diamond rings.

There are many diamond engagement ring designs for men that flaunt the huge center diamond, just like women. For instance, a platinum diamond band embellished with a princess cut diamond of 3 carats. To offer a maximum sparkle, the gemstone is secured using the traditional prong setting.

Another option of solitaire diamond rings for men that complements their masculine personality is a diamond ring that features black metal. In this design, a round diamond is bezel-set at the center of the thick black metal band.

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