Solitaire Diamond Ring Design for Women

This is an ideal choice to flaunt on the engagement day, especially for women, in order to redefine the elegance in their own way.

A solitaire diamond ring design is sure to enhance the glamour and grace of the bride who wears it. The basic solitaire diamond ring design displays a round brilliant cut diamond of respectable size at the center of a 22k yellow gold ring. The gemstone is secured using a traditional prong setting so that the diamond sparkles to the core. Furthermore, the diamond engagement ring band that is used in this design is kept simple and thin in order to draw the attention of the spectator directly towards the center stone.

If you want to give a contemporary twist to this design of the diamond engagement ring, just replace the center diamond with a princess cut diamond. Additionally, secure it using a bezel setting and replace yellow gold with a platinum band. This will also enhance the bling quotient of the ring that is sure to attract each and every person.

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