Smart Tips to Make your 0.5 Carat Diamond Ring Look Bigger

A 0.5 carat diamond ring will be the best option if you are low on budget but want a diamond ring with respectable size. The actual weight a half carat diamond will be equal to 0.05 mg, which will give a good coverage to your finger. However, there are some tips and tricks for shopping a 0.5 carat diamond ring and to make it look bigger.

0.5 Carat Diamond Ring Use a Halo Setting

The halo setting is one of the trendiest settings nowadays. This design is mainly used to enhance the overall sparkle of the ring and to make it look bigger. If you choose some melee diamonds around your half carat diamond, it will look like a big single diamond ring.

Choose a Delicate Shank

Choose a thinner band for your 0.5 carat diamond ring. This delicate shank will highlight your center diamond and will make it look bigger than usual. You can also use pave diamonds on the shank to enhance the look.

Consider Fancy Shape Diamonds

Pear Shape DiamondIf you want your diamond to look bigger than its carat weight, try using fancy shape diamonds like the oval, marquise, and pear shape diamonds. Their elongated outlines will make it look bigger than a usual half carat diamond ring.

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