Simulated Diamond Rings vs. Real Diamond Rings

Simulated Diamond Rings vs. Real Diamond Rings

Most people have a misconception that diamond simulants and synthetic diamonds are the same. Actually, synthetic diamonds are manmade stones that feature similar qualities of a natural diamond. On the contrary, diamond simulants are not made using carbon, and hence, they do not exhibit the same properties as that of a diamond.

In most cases, unskilled people will not be able to the differences between diamond simulated rings and real diamond rings. They may probably end up getting scammed or ripped off if not careful. In order to tackle this, you must learn to compare diamond simulated rings with its real counterparts. The main factors that will help you to differentiate these rings are its clarity, durability, sparkle, color, and price.

Diamond simulants are lab-grown and are designed to offer supreme qualities. Hence, the clarity of diamond simulants will be excellent when compared to real diamonds. Another major difference between these two options is in their sparkle; diamond simulants tend to sparkle in multiple colors.

When it comes to durability, nothing can beat the hardness of a diamond. So, you must expect your diamond simulated rings to be less durable. This will be reflected in its price as well; you will get diamond simulated rings for a cheap price when compared to real diamond rings.

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