Sapphire Diamond Wedding Rings

Sapphire Diamond Wedding Rings

Sapphires are a form of a mineral known as ‘corundum’ and are just like rubies. All red corundum stones are rubies, while every other color is sapphire. In fact, sapphire stones are less expensive than rubies due to their wide availability. However, it does not mean that they are cheap. Note that high-quality sapphires can cost as much as a diamond of the same size.

When hearing about sapphires, people usually think about blue sapphires. However, sapphires are available in many colors such as purple, yellow, pink, and green. Each of these colors is valued differently and a high-quality pink sapphire can cost more than a top quality blue one.

Due to their good durability with a 9/10 hardness on the Mohs’ scale, they are suitable for everyday wear. Sapphires will look stunning when set as a center stone in a ring. Even though these were not highly trendy at one point, its popularity rose up after Prince William gifted a sapphire diamond ring to Kate Middleton. This stirred the acceptance of sapphire diamond wedding rings in the fashion world.

If you are buying a sapphire diamond wedding rings, you should take a note on the 4 C’s of this gemstone graded by the GIA. Check the grading of each of these attributes and buy according to your style and budget. Note that, AAA is the highest grade and top quality sapphire stone having no obvious inclusions.

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