Safely Cleaning your Diamond Ring at Home

Safely Cleaning your Diamond Ring at Home

It is probably the most precious thing you have owned, if not in terms of cost, then at least sentimental value. Taking good care of it ensures it will last long.


How often you need to clean your ring depends on the sort of wear it sees. This links to your lifestyle – if you play a lot of sports, or move a lot physically, the ring on your finger would need regular and frequent cleaning. Biweekly is good, although that may be impractical for most people. Settle for monthly cleanings if you are one of them.

Substances to Avoid

Diamond rings do not take well to being brought into contact with some items, such as Vodka, ketchup, vinegar, and toothpaste. Keep it away from these things, and ensure one of them is not present in a cleaning solution you pick or prepare.

Cleaning at Home

If you do not want to visit the jeweler, cleaning at home is something you can do easily enough. Just do not use abrasive tools or even toothbrushes. Leave the ring in cleaning fluid for some time, take it out, and swab it dry with a soft cloth.

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