Ring Upkeep Tips for Gym Rats

Ring Upkeep Tips for Gym Rats

Put the Ring in the Locker

This keeps your rings secure, and safe from contact with metals. Some gyms do not have lockers for members, so before signing up, see if that option’s on the table. Leave the ring there during your workout so you do not have to worry about it.

Wear it on a Chain

If you have a gold chain that has the same metal karat, it will not look out of place if you hang the ring on it. This can even look good. Do not get a 9 karat chains though, because they are very brittle and can snap from the lightest pull. Get a Foxtail chain made out of a higher carat, so that the three links strengthen one another.

Get a Platinum 600 Wedding Ring

This is platinum mixed with Tungsten. This alloy is very hard. It can also be easily resized if you wish.

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