Reasons to Go with a Solitaire Engagement Ring

Reasons to Go with a Solitaire Engagement Ring

Following are some of the reasons to go with a 1 carat solitaire round diamond ring.

It is the Archetypal Engagement Ring Style

Think back to a time when you were really young. If someone had asked you then to picture an engagement ring design in your mind, what would you have come up with? Right off the top, a simple looking ring set with a simple diamond, which is exactly what a solitaire is.



It Draws Focus to the Diamond

Diamonds are very popular even now, regardless of the myth that millennials are not buying any. The solitaire style will not go out of fashion for the simple fact that it displays the diamond in the best light.

It is Minimalistic and Simple

There is nothing against wearing an overstated diamond ring on your finger when you manage to lay hands on one, but people are increasingly drawn towards styles that let them feel comfortable while wearing them.

It is Versatile

Solitaires pair exceptionally well with almost all types of wedding band; vintage, classic, bold, you name it. They also preclude wear and tear to a large extent due to the absence of delicate metalwork.

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